CapturePro 1.4.002

CapturePro is a Desktop PC tool with enough features to make your PocketPC/Smartphone screen capturing session a pleasure. The software consists of two main components: One runs on the Desktop PC, and the other one is deployed transparently to your mobile device having the task to gather the screen images. This way you will have two products in one: on one hand you have the Desktop CapturePro, to make screen capturing easier for you with just a few clicks. On the other hand you have the Mobile Device CapturePro that you can take everywhere you go, without needing the Desktop PC.


Unlimited trial

Install CapturePro and evaluate it for as long as you like. Buy it only when you are convinced that it fits your needs

Built-In Wizard that will help the user create the screen captures

In a few steps with just a couple of clicks you will get the job done.


The capturing process involves data interchange between the PC and the mobile device. Everything is transparent for the user, so his task would remain as simple as possible. The mobile component of CapturePro, that resides on the Mobile Device is installed automatically. Its as simple as pressing an OK button just for acknolegment.

Work sessions

For a software reviewer it would be very easy to organize different screen capture sessions for each of the software he needs to review. Just enter the session name, and CapturePro will create subfolders to keep everything organized.

Create high quality raw image files

Or use the integrated JPEG technology to compress each of your screen captures to save disc space

Built-In zoom option, to resize your images automatically

With the Text-over feature, each snapshot can be labeled. The user may change the text color, even the text position. With this its also possible to add a date label over each of your screen captures.

Multishot capabilities

Allow the user to start an automated process that would continuously create screen captures at a preselected frame rate. By enabling this the user can totally focus on the content on his mobile device's screen, and the snapshots would be created independently. You need to create several captures but its annoying to go from your computer to your mobile device? Use the multishot and everything will get easier.

Built in image pre-viewer

You will see your pictures, their parameters like resolution and disc space imediatelly they are downloaded from your mobile device.



CapturePro 1.4.002

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